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Why should you have your septic tank cleaned?  Solids build up over time in your septic tank.  Eventually the layer of clean water gets smaller and contains more solid particles.  Outlet baffles do a good job of keeping most of the solids from reaching the drainage area, but they are not perfect filters. The more solids that there are in your tank, the more solids will reach your drain field. These solids clog up the holes in the drainage pipes and the stones and surrounding soil, so that eventually the water can no longer disperse into the ground. This is how a drain field eventually fails and then you have big problems. When you have your septic tank cleaned, everything is removed from the tank, so it can have a fresh start. Regular cleaning of your septic tank will prolong the life of your drain field. Think of it as having the oil changed in your car. Your car's engine can go a long time without changing the oil, but it won't last as long as it would have if you maintained it properly.

So how often should you have your tank pumped? I recommend that a family of four should have their septic tank pumped once every three years. If there are just two people, once every five to six years. I mentioned above that some houses have two septic tanks. If your house was built around 1990 or later, you probably have two. If you are not sure, I can tell when I am working at your home. The purpose of the second tank is to collect and treat the solids that would have otherwise made it into your drainfield.  Some companies recommend always pumping both septic tanks, but I find that in most cases you only need to pump the second tank every other time. So, for a family of four, pump the first tank after three years, and then pump them both three years later. These numbers are all just average examples of what I see. Some systems can vary wildly from the norm, so once you begin routine maintenance of your septic system, I can recommend a schedule that will fit you exactly.

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